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Jack Benny's contract is up and he visits his sponsor to make sure it will be renewed. Fred Allen ties to undermine him and get his show. Hiding in the background is Eddie Cantor who is also trying to steal the show. Hilarity ensues.
Jack Benny has a talent show. Before the talent show Jayne Mansfield makes Ann appearance and Rochester with the Sportsmen Quartet perform a song and dance number. Mel Blanc is a talent show contestant and a funny girl singing group and jujutsu act follow.
Jack Benny gets woken up in the middle of the night by a disc jockey and his entire day goes haywire. Later his goes shopping with his wife Mary to buy a suit and the havoc continues.
Jack Benny plays a detective going after a murder suspect played by Humphrey Bogart. Bogart is dragged into the station to be interrogated by Jack Benny.
Footage sign in front of Riviera Hotel: TED LEWIS, SOPHIE TUCKER, THE JUNE TAYLOR DANCERS, AND GORDON JENKINS, pans right to show LS of hotel, Various locations on Las Vegas strip at night, Fremont Hotel, Golden Nugget, The Mint, Bingo, Lucky Strike Club, Pioneer, Westerner,