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The Jack Benny Program 5-23-1954. Bob Hope steals Jack's pants from his dressing room so that Bob can do the monologue instead. Jack comes out wearing Don's oversized pants and Don comes out wearing Jack's small pants. Jack and Bob are explorers in Africa who are attacked by cannibals and thrown into a huge stew pot. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis run in to help cannibals with a match.
The Jack Benny Program 10-23-1955 with guests Peggy King and Art Linkletter. Art Linkletter interviews kids like his in his show Kids Say The Darndest Things and hysteria takes over.
Jack Benny's contract is up and he visits his sponsor to make sure it will be renewed. Fred Allen ties to undermine him and get his show. Hiding in the background is Eddie Cantor who is also trying to steal the show. Hilarity ensues.
Jack Benny has a talent show. Before the talent show Jayne Mansfield makes Ann appearance and Rochester with the Sportsmen Quartet perform a song and dance number. Mel Blanc is a talent show contestant and a funny girl singing group and jujutsu act follow.
Jack Benny gets woken up in the middle of the night by a disc jockey and his entire day goes haywire. Later his goes shopping with his wife Mary to buy a suit and the havoc continues.
Jack Benny plays a detective going after a murder suspect played by Humphrey Bogart. Bogart is dragged into the station to be interrogated by Jack Benny.
The origin of the masked man who becomes the Lone Ranger and that of his companion, Tonto. A re-edit of the first three episodes of the television series.